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Going out in the night
Cosa Fare di Sera

What can you do in Milan by night? Everything indeed! The Biancacroce Residence offers a list of link to help you choosing among shows, venues, fun, happy hours, parties, discos, concerts, etcetera, how and where to live your Night Life in Milan.


A guide to all discos, live concerts and beer houses of the Lombard chief town.

Pub Beer houses
Pub Birrerie

Information about American bar, pub, beer houses, cinemas, concerts, discos, restaurants, theatres and much more.


Link for night fun in Milan. There you find all venues with photos, comments, films and the trendiest events of the moment.


The guide up-dating all the events in town and leading you among theatres, museums, venues, restaurants, discos in Milan to inform you about shows, exhibitions, aperitifs taking place in Milan.


A guide to the nights around Milan, events, evenings, restaurants, discos … and much more.


A point of reference on Milan Night Life. A list of events, discos, restaurants, parties, concerts, happy hour in Milan.

Navigli di Milano

This site offers information about the venues along the Navigli of Milan. There you can find beer houses, wine shops, live music, restaurants, pizzeria, trattoria, associations, artists and museums. You will also find a chat line and mailing list.

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